We at The North Stands are proud of the fact that we were able to mobilize so quickly in March 2020 and help our service industry community in their time of need. We feel blessed to have such strong support from the community in this effort and have been able to help make ends meet for many. (SEE OUR HISTORY HERE) As our industry is recovering, and restaurant/bar staff has been able to return to their jobs, we have found another significant center of need in our industry. In this vein we are adding to our focus and our mission to help black and brown restaurant owners/chefs get back on their feet to regain their livelihoods.  Moving forward we will begin to fund applicants that meet specific qualifications and are the most in need. We feel blessed and excited to continue using The North Stands to help, as well as engage, the repair and growth of an industry devastated in this pandemic.


“A lot of my income is cash at my workplace. When I applied for unemployment, the amount that I was eligible for was about 30% of what I normally make.” -Anonymous


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